KTV offers a various types of sifters to meet each client's specific needs.
Please see below a description of the sifters available through KTV.
  • Circular Vibrating Screens
  • Rotary Sifters
  • Vibrating Screens
circular screen ultrasonic vibroscreen general2With the three-dimensional vibration they generate, our circular vibrating screens allow to sieve, classify, dedust and filter a very wide range of products, achieving good results even with fine products.
The vibrating, multi-plane, motion of the screen runs both horizontally and vertically and can be adjusted in both directions.
The vibrating screens require no special installation structures, as the upper section transmits no vibration to the base, which as a consequence may even be equipped with wheels.
Thanks to the simplicity of their design, the vibrating screens can also be disassembled very quickly for cleaning or mesh replacement.
On each vibrating screen, you can install 1 to 4 separation stages, thus getting from 2 to 5 product fractions.
The screen may be made of carbon steel or stainless steel, and equipped with different optional accessories.
sifters rotary sifterBeing compact and having a high capacity, rotary sifters are used for sifting and scalping, at high rates, a wide variety of powders or granular materials.
A paddle assembly rotates at high speed inside a stationary cylindrical screen, in combination with flexible mesh fabrics, to greatly reduce binding problems when handling materials containing high fats/oils. Any oversize particles stay within the screen and are moved along the screen basket by paddle blades towards the oversize outlet located at the end of the screen.
Three bearing design ensures smooth, vibration-free operation and long life.
sifters vibrating screenThese vibrating screens are ideal for scalping, sizing and grading of materials into 2 to 4 fractions.
Positive eccentric motion and tuned suspension base deliver more uniform distribution across the entire screen deck, resulting in higher capacities per applied screen area.
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