Screen Filter Packs

KTV uses wire cloth from the finest wire available and woven to exacting standards. This along with a skilled craftsmanship, close attention to detail and consistent quality control creates a product from which the maximum possible service should be expected.
KTV manufactures a complete line of screen packs. These screens are offered in a broad range of dimensions and shapes, such as:
  • Circulars / Ovals
  • Rectangles / Squares
  • PFS Serie
  • Cylinders and Others
Precision fabricated to the customer specifications, the multiple layers screen packs are carefully spot welded.
  • Single Layer
  • Multiple Layers
In addition to the more widely used T-304 stainless steel and plain steel, KTV can supply other more specialized alloy requirements.  Contact us for more details.


  • Knitted Copper Mesh
    Knitted Copper Mesh
  • Barrel Brushes (EN)
    Barrel Brushes
  • Brass Hand Brushes (EN)
    Brass Hand Brushes
  • Brass Power Brushes (EN)
    Brass Power Brushes
  • Brass Scrapers (EN)
    Brass Scrapers
  • Brass Scrapers (EN)
    Brass Scrapers
  • Brass Tube Brushes (EN)
    Brass Tube Brushes
  • Copper Brass Wheels (EN)
    Copper Brass Wheels
  • Gauze Pads (EN)
    Gauze Pads
  • Mold Release (EN)
    Mold Release
  • Shank (EN)